Helping Physicians thrive in a volatile marketplace.

At AuthorizeRX, we provide physicians with everything they need to succeed in a digital age. Our one-stop-shop for digital engagement was built to help you:

We’ve combined a deep understanding of the physician industry with a customer-centric culture. From communications and adherence to digital marketing and reputation management, our products evolve ahead of the curve so you can practise at the top of your licence and stand out from the crowd. Our goal is to give you the tools you need to automate your physician's workflow and track your own success, all in one place.

With Digital Physician, you can:

  • Ease the burden of managing multiple vendors with an all-in-one digital solution.
  • Grow your business by automating manual tasks through an integrated system.
  • Save time with patient-centric tools that reduce friction and allow Physicians to help themselves.
  • Attract and keep new customers through a professional online presence and marketing plan.
  • Track new customer acquisitions across all your marketing efforts to determine what works best for you.
  • Gain visibility through in-depth reporting and insights so you can see the true results of your work and ours.

HELPING Physicians

Helping Physician in the digital age.

Simplify marketing with tools that help you find new Physicians, engage with current ones, and track your progress online.


Our solutions integrate with each other and over 70 Physician management systems to help you automate manual tasks like prescription refills and patient communications.


We help Physicians share their unique stories and communicate effectively with their customers on multiple platforms.


Our tools are designed with a consumer-first engineering process to create a seamless customer experience for you and your Physician.


We tie our solutions to results through real-time metrics to prove our value and help you see what’s working. This transparency keeps us relentlessly client-centric so that you can continue to be patient-centric.